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Life Management System Comparison

I describe how Pillars, Pipelines, and Vaults is the best Life Management system I鈥檝e found

February 21, 2022 路 9 min 路 Me

Add MFA to Fedora with Yubikey

Add MFA to sudo and gnome in Fedora using a Yubikey and authselect

May 3, 2021 路 3 min 路 Me


RMS, Dan Kaminsky, FLoCS, Fedora

May 1, 2021 路 3 min 路 Me

Use AWS Config To Hunt Public S3 Buckets

This post covers using AWS Config as a starting point to find public s3 buckets in your organization.

November 2, 2020 路 2 min 路 Me

Set Security Headers using Cloudflare Workers

This article covers previous work and introduces a warning

October 9, 2020 路 2 min 路 Me

Blacklight Privacy Tool

Today on my Mastodon feed, several folks were discussing a new tool by TheMarkup called Blacklight. This tool is billed as a 鈥渞eal-time website privacy inspector鈥 that showcases the ad and tracking tech deployed by a website. I shared this tool with several colleagues and it engendered a stimulating conversation surrounding company commitment to privacy. I argued during this conversation that it would be worse for a company to claim to value customer privacy and then have Blacklight reveal otherwise, than to have made no such claim in the first place....

September 22, 2020 路 2 min 路 Me

Using Local Fonts - Hugo Academic Theme

The fresh new look of this site is provided by the Academic Hugo Theme. Because I value your privacy just as I value my own, I needed to modify this theme to not make use of Google Web Fonts because use of this service enables Google to further track users. In this guide, I鈥檒l add the Montserrat font by Julieta Ulanovsky as the heading font for this blog: TL;DR - Recap...

September 3, 2020 路 6 min 路 Me

Thoughtful Birthday Present

When my Dad turned 70, I couldn鈥檛 decide what to get him. He claimed to not want anything leaving me in a bind. I thought for days about what to get him and the idea I finally settled on seemed inadequate to me, but it wound up being a hit: I presented him with a hand-written book containing 70 memories of him throughout my life. He got emotional over this gift, and for a man as stoic as he is, this was a surprise....

September 2, 2020 路 1 min 路 Me

A Fresh Look

I鈥檝e updated this site鈥檚 appearance with a new hugo blog theme

August 31, 2020 路 2 min 路 Me

Fingerprinting Privacy: Brave vs Firefox

Brave and Firefox bill themselves as privacy champions. How do they fare at fingerprinting protection?

August 20, 2020 路 4 min 路 Me

Find Resources With AWS Config

Use AWS Config to locate AWS resources

August 12, 2020 路 3 min 路 Me

Joining the FSF

I鈥檝e joined the Free Software Foundation and so should you!

June 17, 2020 路 1 min 路 Me

One Month With Mastodon

I鈥檝e switched to Mastodon and so should you.

June 11, 2020 路 6 min 路 Me

Moving From Macos to Linux

I鈥檝e adopted Linux on the desktop. Here鈥檚 how I adapted my macOS workflow鈥

May 26, 2020 路 4 min 路 Me

Compiling Emacs 27 on macOS

The easy way to compile Emacs 27 on macOS using Homebrew

May 15, 2020 路 1 min 路 Me